July 8th, 2017

TRION tease new title Trove with first image of block shaped world

A few days ago TRION registered domain names such as PlayTrove.com (currently blank)¬†for what is expected to be their next project called Trove. A Twitter account was set up with a subtitle of “Something new from TRION” then a Tweet was posted saying ” Where will you go?”.

The teasing continues today with another Tweet labelled “What will you find?” and is accompanied by what we have to assume is a first image from the game. By the looks of things this could be a sand-box type RPG/MMO in the style of a typical blocky Minecraft style game.

Either TRION has been hit harder than we thought and the art department has just given up or they are wanting a slice of the blocky action. Are they too late to the party with this one? Only time will tell as more information is released in the days and weeks ahead.


Thanks Eteaw for the tip.

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