TRION’s MMO Rift now released Steam

RIFT Storm Legion

TRION’s MMO Rift has now landed on Steam for the first time and it’s long overdue following the game going free to play a few months back.

TRION has not exactly been having a great time this year with the disappointing Defiance and studio closures with staff layoffs but at least this is some attempt to increase the MMO’s player base.

Rift could be considered TRION’s flagship title now and it’s actually a pretty good MMO, one of the best of this generation. It also had one of the most trouble free launches of any MMO which is a rarity these days

Sadly Rift players dropped off after a while, which is the norm for most MMOs,  but if you’ve not tried it I would recommend grabbing it now it’s on Steam.

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  • sorudo

    it’s not that i have not tried it, it’s that the game refuses to run at all regardless of how fast my connection is and how much of a powerhouse i have next to me.
    i hope steam makes a difference, although i doubt it.

  • Hydrate

    The game isn’t even that great, I have tried to give it a chance. It’s horribly optimized & the gameplay is so lackluster. But of course it is all subjective. I wouldn’t call it one of the best MMOs of this generation that’s just an insult to successful games like GW2 & World of Warcraft.

    • Rushster

      I disagree with your there, I found it much more enjoyable than GW2 and WoW has not been that great for a while now. When RIFT was released it actually was the better game at the time.