Trios Mode is being removed from Fortnite

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With the latest update to Fortnite, we see some major changes to gameplay and team size. Update 24.40 adds an all-new ranked mode but also some changes to Trios. Epic has made the executive decision to completely remove trios from Fortnite, only leaving space for Duos, Solos, and Quads. This will leave a few players peeved, but there are reasons for the decision.

Trios removed from Fortnite in 24.40

Trios was originally introduced to the game back in December 2020, during Chapter 2 Season 5, as a temporary addition to the game. The fact it lasted this long is only a testament to how successful it was with the community. The announcement was made on the Fortnite Twitter account to much disgruntlement.


The change is most likely connected to the introduction of the all-new Ranked Mode that has been released along with the update. Currently, Ranked only hosts Solos, Duos, and Squads for Battle Royal, and Duos for Zero Build mode. I expect that the choice to get rid of Trios is in an attempt to keep wait times and matchmaking down to a minimum. Perhaps, as the player base picks up for Ranked, we will see the return of the much-loved Trios in Fortnite.

The community is, of course, up in arms over the change. The ‘temporary’ addition to Fortnite has lasted years, and a lot of players will have based their entire team builds on two other teammates. Finding a fourth isn’t all that easy if you already have your threesome on lock. 

Fortnite Trios

Screenshot via Epic

Can you still play Trios?

You can. It is still possible to team up with your two other palls and turn off the autofill feature. However, that doesn’t mean you will be dropped into a match with other Trios in Fortnite. You will have to play at a disadvantage or try to make new friends. So, which one is harder?

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