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Triumph show off the Age of Wonders 3 level editor

Age of Wonders 3 Hell Hound

You, too, can make something this pretty.

Triumph Studios have released a “Let’s Edit” video showing off how super-simple the Age of Wonders 3 level editor actually is.

The level editor is apparently accessible in the launcher right now, and is basically the same tool used by the developers to create the maps already in Age of Wonders 3. So yes, you can make your own single-player or multiplayer maps… or you can go full on and create your own massive campaign with new heroes, full voice-overs, and new art assets.

The video (which you can see below) shows how easy it is to create a map. Give it a look, and if you’re not yet sold on Age of Wonders 3, you might want to have a look at our review.