Spiral House have released a new trailer from their upcoming, third-person puzzle-action title Troll and I. In it, there’s a bit of backstory about how young Otto and his Troll pal teamed up.

The Troll character in this tale seems to be rather like Bigfoot; large, hairy, and hunted by fiendish explorer types. Some of those hunters wreck Otto’s village, and force the lad into hiding. With the Troll now a natural ally, the pair of them decide to work together.

Troll and I will be playable in either single player, or as a local (split screen) co-op title, with players taking command of one of the two protagonists. Each character will naturally bring different skills to the game, and they’ll have to work together in combat and in puzzle-solving in order to succeed.

Here’s the new trailer. Troll and I is coming out in March.

Peter Parrish

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