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The Disney & Marvel Games Showcase took place today, and it began with a teaser for an upcoming tie-in game for the Tron franchise called Tron: Identity. The trailer showed the game’s title, a 2023 release window, and little else. There wasn’t really much to get excited about. Having said that, Tron: Identity has a Steam page that reveals quite a bit more about the game than you might expect. It essentially functions as a visual novel adventure game that tasks players with unraveling a mystery surrounding a new Grid location.

This long-forgotten Grid has experienced “an unprecedented crime” that leaves its future uncertain. Players assume control of Query, an original character that serves as a detective program, who’s perfect for tackling the mystery behind this crime. Talking to suspects and carefully observing the environment will prove crucial in finding out about this mysterious culprit and preventing the Grid from succumbing to its “unstable foundations.”


The fate of the Grid is in your hands

Much like other games of its genre, Tron: Identity places a heavy emphasis on branching narrative choices, which all stem from how Query chooses his words. Whenever he meets a new character, he can opt to team up with them, reject them, or outright derezz them if the player feels particularly cruel at that moment. More importantly, though, Query will need to uncover these characters’ lost memories to find clues for his investigation. This involves taking their Identity Discs and defragging them by solving a variety of puzzles.

If you wish to watch the half-minute-long teaser trailer for Tron: Identity, then you can do so below. But you will ultimately get a much better picture of the game by going to the Steam page and checking out both its descriptions and its myriad screenshots. All in all, it seems that this will at least be an interesting take on the Tron universe.

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