Tron Identity Trailer

A new look at Tron: Identity came out of a recent gameplay trailer, showcasing a little more of what we can expect from developer Bithell Games. A neon-lit, story-driven gameplay sequence emerges from the blue and black of the grid. Decisions, relationships, and paths open up as choices are made in dialogue. Puzzles keep the play guessing, and a whole new era of Tron begins.

What we glean from the latest Tron: Identity gameplay trailer

Bithell Games has landed a huge contract with the rights to work alongside Disney’s much-loved Tron franchise. Previous titles from the studio, although very well received, can only be described as ‘indie.’ This title is backed by one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, however, signaling big things for the studio.

After a gap of 13 years between games, Tron fans have been begging for a new addition to the franchise. A film about a video game must surely inspire at least a few studios. From the looks of this latest Tron: Identity trailer, we see that the developer has decided to take an interesting route. Leaving behind the high-speed light cycles and split-second tactics, it has instead opted for a narrative-driven puzzler.

In the game, players will make their way through a Grid, evolving alone, and forgotten by its user. After a break-in threatens the existence of the Grid and the characters within, it is up to the player to form relationships and alliances to ensure their survival.

A big project to undertake

Notably, Bithell Games has taken on a real challenge with Tron: Identity. It is important to realize, the films are favorites, cult classics, and heavily fan-fictioned by generations of watchers. Consequently, there are a lot of people out there who are waiting on the new game with bated breath. Bithell Games will have to make sure they follow lore to the letter and do the avid fans a service after all these years of waiting.

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