The demo for Tropico 3 has been released by Kalypso Games.In case your not familiar with the Tropico series, the game pits you in the role of El Presidente as you run the island and its inhabitants the way you want. Along with giving speeches to the population ,which you will need to keep the promises you offer, the game will be coming to the Xbox 360 for the first time.The demo available here, features the first two missions of the game teaching gamers the basic gameplay mechanics. The full game will launch worldwide on 16 October on both PC and Xbox 360.Kalypso Media has describe the two missions included on the demo:MISSION 1: Bananas
The abdication of the old Presidente of St. Helena provided the perfect opportunity for your rise to power. Now as the head of state it is your job to lead this small island nation to a new age of prosperity.
St. Helena is a modest island with rich and fertile lands, which have attracted the attention of the American food conglomerate Fruitas LTD. You should make use of the gringos to secure the financial future of the island as well as your own Swiss Bank Account.
MISSION 2: Second Chance
The band of rebels led by your twin managed to drive you out of your own island. Taking the entire treasury, you hitched a ride on an old fishing boat, seeking refuge in your summer residence on the island of El Acantilado.
Chased away from their own homes, your most loyal supporters have followed you. Taking the burden of leadership once again you have promised them a fresh start. Your new island is a poor and dry hunk of rock. Several rich iron ore deposits are its only viable resources….. 

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