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Everything looks fine, but that taxi is actually a secret policeman.

I don’t want to dictate your actions or anything, but Haemimont’s Tropico 3 is free at the Humble store today. Like the prior offer for Warlock, this deal will expire after 24 hours. It’s been going for two, so you have 22 left as of 12 noon Pacific time.

Update: The 24 hours are up and the game is no longer free.

Tropico 3 was Haemimont’s first release after taking over development of the series.

In order to obtain and use a freebie Tropico 3 key, you’ll need to give Humble an email address and have a Steam account for activation. You may also need to set up a slightly annoying Kalypso account as well, though I think Tropico 3 was released before the publisher introduced that system.

It appears to just be the vanilla game, so if you enjoy playing it I’d recommend keeping an eye out for when the Absolute Power add-on is being sold cheap on Steam. The expansion adds a bunch of additional buildings which are both highly useful (wind turbines) and entertaining (a giant golden rotating statue of yourself.)

This Humble give-away is part of their “End of Sale Encore,” which includes money off titles like Banished, The Wolf Among Us and Mount & Blade: Warband, as well as big publisher games like Far Cry 3, Company of Heroes 2 and Batman: Arkham Origins.

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