Tropico 6 gets a free weekend in celebration of new Lobbyistico DLC

Kalypso Games has announced a free weekend for Tropico 6 on Steam today. Hot off the back of the Steam Summer Sale, you can download Tropico 6 and start playing now. It’ll remain in your account until Monday, July 13. If you like the game, you can pick it up at a 40% discount right now, too. We certainly enjoyed it, so give it a shot!

The free weekend comes in celebration of Tropico 6‘s third piece of DLC, Lobbyistico. It, along with all of the other games and their DLC, are on sale this weekend, too. The first two DLC packs for Tropico 6, Spitter and The Llama of Wall Street, have a discount of 30% and 40%, respectively. You can watch the trailer for the latest DLC below.

Getting frisky with the EU

Tropico 6‘s new Lobbyistico DLC sees the arrival of the European Union on Tropican shores. Corruption is at the core of Lobbyistico, as you woo faction lobbyists to join the El Presidente Club, one of the three new buildings in Lobbyistico. To account for your backdoor deals, you can also build the Corruption Agency building to cover your misdeeds. Then there’s the Official Residence, which you can use to win over the EU faction leaders with the finest establishment your island has to offer.

If you play your cards right, you’ll unlock unique perks that boost your nation’s economy. Be careful, though. With corrupt politicians running around your island paradise, you’ll need to be quick to stifle any rumors of foul play.

In addition to the corruption mechanic and new buildings, the Lobbyistico DLC also includes three new music tracks, two new traits, and four additional customization options for El Prez and his palace. You can download Tropico 6 and start playing now, or buy it for the discounted price of $29.99. The Lobbyistico DLC also has a 15% discount for the weekend, bringing the price down to $8.49.

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