Whilst at a Bioshock Infinite at MomoCon, Troy Baker made a few comments regarding his role as Ocelot in the next Metal Gear Solid game and how the role of Booker DeWitt had helped prepare him for such a role.

Baker said:  “Tackling a role like that [Ocelot] is huge. You know, you’re not building a character from the ground up, because clearly Ocelot has been in, oh I don’t know, ‘a few games’. But it was great to be able to, again, bring it back, and scale everything down. Because he’s not the same Ocelot that we’ve seen in other games. So, understanding the simplicity that can still come across as complex.” After this, Troy Baker stopped himself because he was getting into too much detail, and summarized: “No, it’s just two totally different experiences [Booker in Bioshock and Ocelot in MGSV], and that’s how I looked at it.”

Baker is clearly excited to be part of the game saying: “I’m jazzed. I’m jazzed for that game, it’s going to be really good. Huge, it’s a huge game, like the scope, it’s huge.”

He finished by quoting Ocelot’s most famous line: “you’re pretty good”.

Source: MetalGearInformer

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