Truck Driver’s Second Video Shows Off Missions

SOEDESCO has been promoting its upcoming Truck DriverĀ with a miniseries of videos showing off elements of the game. Last week, we got to meet the local characters that you will take jobs from. This week, it’s all about the jobs and missions.

Head out on the highway

As with any profession (and most RPGs), people won’t trust you with big jobs right when you start. You’ll need to build up the trust of your contacts by doing smaller jobs until you can prove yourself to be reliable. For example, Sven the lumberjack will start out by having you haul wood chips to the powerplant. Once you have built up your reputation with him, he will trust you with larger, more important deliveries related to his work.

As with other truck-based simulators, you’ll need to do a bit of maintenance while you’re on the road. Trucks are big, thirsty beasts that will guzzle down gas faster than you can say American Truck Simulator. With this in mind, you’ll need to stop off at each precious gas station to make sure your steel horse can make that last leg of your delivery. However, your truck isn’t the only thing you’ll need to take care of in Truck Driver. You’ll also need to care for, well, your truck driver. Driving for too long will build up fatigue that you will need to address by sleeping in designated rest areas. After all, tired driving can be as bad as impaired driving.

You’ll need to make sure to obey traffic laws as well. Running red lights and causing traffic accidents (read: demolishing anyone foolish enough to get in your way) will both net you fines. That eats away at your hard-earned truck driving cash. Speaking of which, if you want to make slightly more cash per job, being able to park your trailer in a designated spot instead of just at the final destination will net you a bonus.

Next week’s final episode will focus on just what you can spend all those truck bucks on in the game. Truck Driver will be out on November 11 on Steam.

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