Try grabbing with both hands: Dark Souls 2 pre-order bonuses detailed

Dark Souls II
Here’s that Collector Edition again.

It may just be me, but it’s a little sad to see the commercial tendrils forming around Dark Souls II now that the original game is accepted as a classic of its kind. It means the game will have a whole load of pre-order crap associated with it that, to me at least, kind of cheapens the whole thing. It’s not that I have anything against posters, it’s just … that’s the way of modern videogames, I guess.

Unpicking the various computations of pre-order bonuses with different retailers is quite tricky, but here goes. So, we already know there are Collector, Black Armour and Standard editions available. There’s a picture of the Collector edition above. Black Armour, I believe, comes in a different case with a soundtrack.

No matter which of these versions you pre-order, certain UK retailers will throw in something else.

  • Game: Will give you a t-shirt (in the gallery below.)
  • Has opted for one of four ‘steel art cards’ (also in the gallery.)
  • Zavvi: Are going to chuck in a Dark Souls comic called Into The Light, written by Andi Ewington and Rob Williams (cover in gallery.)
  • Shop To: Will give you an iPhone 5 cover of some kind.
  • Gamestop UK: Have a poster on offer (it’s the one with the close-up of the knight and Dark Souls II on it.)
  • Indie retailers: Get a slightly different poster (the more distant shot of the knight with Dark Souls II above.)

Dark Souls II will be released in March 2014, with the PC version being “slightly delayed” compared to the console ones (should still be March though.)

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