July 7th, 2017

Try plunging attack: Dark Souls 2 pumpkin carving competition begins

dark souls 2 pumpkins

If you fancy yourself a dab hand at both Dark Souls and pumpkin carving, this one’s for you: Namco Bandai has opened up a competition for the carving of Dark Souls 2-themed pumpkins. Which is understandable, as being effective at Dark Souls and being good at carving pumpkins both require a dab hand with weapons, timing, and pyromancy.

Here’s how you enter: carve a pumpkin with some sort of Dark Souls 2-themed image. Take a photo of it. Tweet that photo at @NamcoBandaiUK with the hashtag #DarkSoulsPumpkin. Potentially win prizes. Imminent loot. Praise the sun.

The winning entry gets a copy of the Dark Souls 2: Into the Light comic, a PlayStation 3 (boo hiss), and has their picture featured as the @NamcoBandaiUK profile picture for both Halloween and the weekend. I have a couple of rather good ideas for this, but I probably won’t enter, both because I’m tremendously lazy and because – like Dark Souls – pumpkin carving is a lot harder than it first appears. Or, uh, to give you all a chance! Yes, that’s it. That’s the reason.

You can have a look at a couple of potential entries carved by Namco Bandai employees – specifically, Lee Kirton and Jonathan Lopera – above.

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