TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2 trailer teases career mode

Tt Isle Of Man Ride On The Edge 2 Career Mode

Publisher Nacon teased the career and free-roaming modes of its upcoming motorcycle racing game, TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2, with two new trailers. The new teasers feature a fictional rider named James Wilson and his preparation for the Isle of Man race. Furthermore, they show the free-roaming mode, which acts as a sandbox for players to test their setups. Meanwhile, the career mode in the title will feature several championships.

TT Isle of Man 2‘s Career and Free-Roaming Mode

TT Isle of Man 2‘s career mode will allow players to compete for the Isle of Man Tourist trophy. After facing one of the 18 available tracks, riders can aim to be part of a team, get new motorcycles, and compete in a selection of championships. Additionally, finances and reputation will also play a role in this mode. Players will even have input on how these factors are managed.

The progression system will allow riders to move on to further levels as they complete objectives set by their respective teams. The goal is simple: improve both skills and gear until you’re ready to face the Senior TT race challenge.

Meanwhile, free-roaming mode acts as a test bench for those who want to practice or tune their setups. Within this mode, those who are picky about gear performance will have the shot to perfect their balance and fine-tune changes before the big race. Riders can practice hard corners, tight bends, and managing their speed on long straight sections of the track. Moreover, to keep things interesting, the free roam area will feature various challenges. Among these tests, riders can expect pursuit and time attack trials along the tracks.

Lastly, the game will feature officially licensed bikes, tracks, and riders, along with new physics. TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2 and its challenging career mode will be available on PC on March 19.