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Turbo Overkill gets Early Access release date this April

Has this ever happened to you? Call me now, please.
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Aside from head-turning games like the new Lego Star Wars and the Chrono Cross remaster, April seemed set to be a pretty quiet month. Well, scratch that. The end of the year’s first quarter just got a whole lot louder and more ridiculous. Shooter hivemind Apogee Entertainment has announced that its highly-anticipated retro shooter Turbo Overkill is getting an Early Access release date in April. This version of the game will encompass the first episode, housing eight levels of laughing and blasting, with roughly five to eight hours of content for FPS fans to chew through. Sounds invigorating, doesn’t it?

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Turbo Overkill is releasing onto Steam Early Access on April 22. So we’re just a month out from seeing just how hectic things will get with this high-octane shooter. The plot concerns the aptly named Johnny Turbo, who returns to his hometown of Paradise only to find that it’s been taken over by a rogue AI named Syn. The digital antagonist has forcibly corrupted the citizens and turned them into partial machines via gruesome augments. Not to be outdone, Johnny will fight back with some augments of his own, including a chainsaw leg. How are you supposed to walk on a chainsaw leg anyway?


Shoot first, ask questions never

Apogee has provided a trailer showing off Turbo Overkill‘s frantic excess as Johnny bounds through levels and shoots augmented enemies to pieces with his killtastic weapons. The game is developed by Trigger Happy Interactive, which was founded by the person who made the Doom Total Chaos mod. The mod was an impressive overhaul mod that seriously turned some heads. Turbo Overkill includes such ripping gameplay features as wall-running, grappling, and surfing flying cars. His arsenal includes weapons like the twin magnums — lock-on handcannons — and the telefragger sniper rifle, which teleports Johnny inside his targets, and then splorch.

There’s still no word on whether Johnny randomly shouts, “it’s Turbo Time” followed by jumping on people’s couches. Until you’re part of the Turbo Team you walkSlowly.

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