It’s been a little quiet on the Turok 2 front since Night Dive announced they’d be bringing remastered versions of Turok to the PC. The first of Night Dive’s remasters was released in December 2015.

There’s now a bit of an update on the sequel in that first game’s Steam forum. Entitled ‘Turok 2 is coming!’, it explains that updates have been scarce because “working on the rights to these classic titles can be tricky and sometimes contractual obligations prevents the transparency we’ve enjoyed on some of our other titles”.

It goes on to confirm that development on remastering Turok 2 began shortly after the December 2015 launch of the first release. The sequel, it notes, is a bigger game: “more enemies, more weapons, more locations and most importantly … Turok 2 had Multiplayer.”

There’s no specific date or even release window mentioned in this update, unfortunately. Instead, it gets the “when it’s done” treatment. Still, at least it confirms that the sequel remaster remains very much on.

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