September 5th, 2017

Turtle Rock officially announces Evolve

Turtle Rock officially announces Evolve

Evolve - 02

If your memory for games is longer than that of your average dormouse, you’ll probably remember that Turtle Rock’s Evolve was revealed this time last week. Well, guess what: now it’s been officially announced. It’s got box art and a pre-order bonus and… oh, bloody hell. It’s got a pre-order bonus? Sigh.

Evolve is a rather neat-looking 4v1 shooter which pits four hunters against one rather large and pissed off alien. Considering Turtle Rock were behind Left 4 Dead until Valve snapped them up, they’ve got a fair bit of experience with unusual multiplayer shooters.

And wow now you can totally pre-order it and everything. Plonking down your money for this game that we’ve seen almost nothing of, barring one preview and some screenshots, will get you the Monster Expansion pack. This includes a “Savage Goliath” skin and a new monster character, which will be downloadable as soon as it’s ready. Yippee.

Evolve is due out this autumn. As such, even if you’re dead-set on pre-ordering it to get that skin, you can still hold off for awhile to see how it evolves (ha ha) on its path to launch.

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