Trion Worlds and SyFy have released a trailer for Defiance, the co-developed project which aims to run a TV series and MMO side-by-side, with overlapping features and consequences. Hopefully that sentence at least got a raised eyebrow out of you, because it’s a crazy-ambitious concept and one with a lot of promise.
In Defiance, aliens have shown up on earth with all manner of wacky customs and lifeforms from their own planet. Humans and aliens now live side-by-side in a somewhat post-disaster landscape (the aliens didn’t so much “show up” as “crash into”) and must learn to adapt to the new circumstances.
The game part of Defiance will be set in San Fancisco, whereas the TV series will be based in what’s left of St Louis. So how do they relate to one another? For that, watch the video below (the key part begins from about 4.30 onwards).
It’s mentioned that a character from the game may leave that world and show up in the TV show, talking about what he (or she) has experienced. Likewise, battles in the MMO may also influence what happens in the series.
Defiance (the game bit) is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The TV series is coming to SyFy, but hopefully won’t use the same piss-poor camerawork exhibited in this trailer.

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