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Dontnod Entertainment, famous for adventure games of varying quality, has announced the release date for Twin Mirror. The developer also dropped a bran-spanking-new trailer to celebrate. Its latest narrative-focused game has been in development for years at this point, but fans won’t have to wait much longer.¬†Twin Mirror¬†lands on the Epic Games Store on December 1.

Twin Mirror focuses on Sam Higgs, a former investigative journalist. In a split from Dontnod’s usual motifs, Twin Mirror appears to lack any supernatural elements. In their place is a fantastical representation of Higgs’ inner mind. He is able to retreat within his “Mind Palace,” a concept that fans of BBC’s detective show, Sherlock, should already be familiar with. Mechanically, this appears to function similarly to the studio’s other games, like Remember Me and Life is Strange, or even the detective mode from Batman Origins of all things.

The Mind Palace allows you to reconstruct past events in order to discover the truth of what has happened. Higgs will have to gather clues from the environment to help him better understand how events have unfolded. You’ll test multiple scenarios until you find the one that fits the clues.

Blast from the past

The Mind Palace will also allow players to delve into the past of Higgs. You will have to relive Higgs’ memories as a part of flashback sequences that should shed light on his, apparently troubled, past. He won’t have to go it alone though. Helping Higgs out is his Double — A mental projection of himself as a more empathetic and gregarious soul. The Double is only seen by Higgs, and can help him with the various conversations in the game.

Will Higgs be able to piece together all the clues and solve the mystery in front of him? We’ll have to wait until Twin Mirror‘s release date of December 1 to find out. Twin Mirror does seem like it will have promise for those who want to unravel these events and uncover the truth. Steam fans will have to wait though, as the Epic Games Store has the exclusive for one year.

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