September 28th, 2018

Twitch introducing Host Mode


Twitch users won’t need to broadcast 24/7 to keep their viewers engaged.

It’s not easy running a successful Twitch channel, it’s impossible to broadcast 27/7. Twitch is now offering a new feature called Host Mode where channel owners can decide which channels to show on their channel when they are offline.

To put it simply, another show can be broadcast in a channel when there’s downtime. The new system is as simple as adding another embedded player to replace the channels normal view. It’s all being handled via the chat interface with a simple command of /host channelname and partners will still receive 100% of the ad revenue from their viewers.

This is a really clever way of keeping viewers in a channel for longer periods increasing user retention and I can see channels working together to offer a 24/7 viewing experience to their viewers.

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