September 28th, 2018

Twitch reportedly paid $90 million for Overwatch League streaming rights

Twitch reportedly paid $90 million for Overwatch League streaming rights

Earlier today Twitch announced they had secured the rights to air the Overwatch League which is about to get underway.

According to Sports Busines Daily and their sources, this is the largest exclusive deal in eSports history with Twitch paying $90 million for the rights over two years. The majority of the seasons will be shown on Twitch and that will include the regular-season, playoff, and championship Overwatch League matches. Twitch is also working with Blizzard to develop new rewards for fans including in-game items and Overwatch Cheermotes.

The deal is suprisinging in that it’s come very late in the day as the league stars tomorrow. There is some concern that Twitch has not had time to advertise the league and the viewership could get off to a slow start.

With Twitch investing a huge amount of cash over two years they will be hoping that gamers stay hooked on Overwatch. There’s no guarantee on how well it will fare over the next two years.  The next big Esports FPS could be around the corner and gaming communities can be fickle.

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