I’ll be the one to say this first, but it looks like Twitch will end up having an influx of, say, ten million new users from the Philippines. That’s because, if you’ve ever met a Pinoy, you know that we really — and I mean really — love to sing. We love our karaoke, or “videoke” (video karaoke) as it’s more commonly known ’round these parts. Likewise, we’re sure that many gamers also have an interest in music and some might even be decent on the mic. That’s probably why Twitch and Harmonix are keen on targetting that demographic with Twitch Sings. It’s their soon-to-be-released karaoke streaming game. Check out the reveal below from TwitchCon:
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    Just Don’t Sing Frank Sinatra’s My Way

    Twitch CEO Emmett Shear announced this new offering recently during TwitchCon. Who better for the streaming giant to partner with in this endeavor than Harmonix. The devs, of course, are known for creating the Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Dance Central games.

    Twitch Sings will be a streaming karaoke game/service whereby gamers and streamers can all participate and sing along. Streamers/players will be belting out tunes while their audience watches them. The viewers can, naturally, Cheer or even request songs. Those who want to perform can go at it solo or even have duets with other subscribers and community members.

    Think of it much like Smule, which is only available for mobiles, except Twitch Sings will also be for PC users. At the very least, for Filipinos like myself, we no longer need to put five peso coins inside those videoke machines whenever we’re singing in public. Hopefully, people can now sing Frank Sinatra’s My Way without fear of getting stabbed or shot. Yes, that’s actually happened a few times here in our corner of the world.

    Anyway, we don’t have too many details yet given that the closed beta for Twitch Sings has only been announced. You can, naturally, sign up for it via this link. I’ve personally signed up just so I can sing some Teeth, Eraserheads, Rivermaya, and Martin Nievera songs — which will probably not be available, so I’ll just stick to tunes from The Beatles.

    As usual, PC Invasion will keep you karaoke fanatics up to date.

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