Twitch wants to get streaming apps on the PS Vita and 3DS


Twitch’s popularity amongst gamers has been rapidly growing over the past year and only increased once the streaming feature was made available on the PS4 and Xbox One. The company has now said that they’d “love to do” the same with the 3DS and PS Vita.

The chief operating officer for Twitch, Kevin Lin, said in an interview with Gamesindustry that a Twitch service for handhelds was certainly something they’d like to do.

“On mobile, we just released our first in-game integration, with Asphalt 8 from Gameloft,” said Lin. “For now, we’re going to be doing that game by game. Handhelds. That’s something we’d love to do. On handhelds, it’s more of a server/CPU concern, but we definitely want to do it. We want to build viewing apps, that’s much less CPU intensive than broadcasting.”


Paul Younger
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