Two new Deus Ex DLC packs available on Steam

‘Explosive Mission Pack’ and ‘Tactical Enhancemnet Pack’.
Yep, we can sense your collective dissappointment that today’s releases don’t include the eagerly anticipated ‘Misisng Link’ DLC. Instead we’re getting a single new mission and a bunch of weapons and gadgets.
The ‘Explosive Mission Pack’ consists of the ‘You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours’ misison as well as a grenade launcher, an automatic unlocking device and a remote-detonated explosive. This can be yours for £1.99.
Meanwhile, the ‘Tactical Enhancement Pack’ gives you access to a silenced sniper rifle and double-barrel shotgun for £1.19.
Both packs can be bought in bundle form for £2.49.
Did you know? We recently moved to a new scoring in which we award games between 1 and 10 without decimal points. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the first game to be award an IncGamers 10/10.