Two new Dragon Age: Inquisition content packs released

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition adventurers can grab a free and a not so free content update.

The first content update is the multiplayer Destruction which adds new paths to existing destinations according to the update from Bioware. That update is free, but if you want to fork out another $9.99 then there’s the “Deluxe Upgrade” which includes the following:

  • Skyhold Throne – Every ruler should sit in a place of high honor, but as the Inquisitor you will have the greatest throne of all, fashioned from an ancient dragon skull.
  • Red Hart Halla – Navigate the perilous, living world atop this great-horned beast.
  • Bog Unicorn – Once belonging to an evil marauder, this unique mount has returned to inspire fear into those who would oppose you.
  •  Bring the world of Thedas wherever you go with the digital soundtrack. Click here for instructions on how to download yours.
  •  Dragon Age Multiplayer Deluxe Edition chests!
  •  Multi-class Weapons: Smite your enemies with the Flames of the Inquisition weapons arsenal. Whether staff or daggers, greatsword or war hammer, these weapons will make short work of your foes.
  • Inquisitor Armor: Protect yourself against the onslaught of enemy attacks by suiting up in the Flames of the Inquisition armor.
  • Armored Mount: Flames of the Inquisition gear also includes a valiant steed, complete with its own set of Inquisition armor forged in the flames of battle.

The free update is great but I’m not sure PC players will be dashing to snap up the Deluxe offering, the game wasn’t exactly as stellar as some were led to believe.

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