Two New Final Fantasy XIV Classes Revealed

Square Enix has revealed two new classes for forthcoming MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.The Gladiator and the Pugilist join the previously announced Archer, Lancer, and Marauder.From what we can see, Gladiators are all about close-range combat, and judging by the class description/quote/line “The Best Defense” it sounds like they’re going to be a largely offensive class. They’ll be happy with any sort of sword, it seems, as well as various types of shield – including the Lantern Shield, which appears to be a shield with two blades attached, to combined offense and defence.The Pugilist, on the other hand (pun oh so very intended) is all about the hand-to-hand combat. Expect to use cestis, brass knuckles, claws and the like, at very close-range. Because of this, they’re also adept at moving in swiftly and dodging strikes while they get into the range at which they can crunch bone.Final Fantasy XIV is due out on PC and PS3 at some point in 2010. Check out more images and details on the official North American site.

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