Two New Special Edition Chrome Controllers To Be Released By Microsoft

A few hours ago, Major Nelson announced on his website that Microsoft are going to be releasing two brand new exclusive colours to the special edition Xbox 360 Chrome controllers.

The two new colours will be black and purple and will join the other controllers which you can already get in blue, gold, red and silver. These controllers come with all the latest updates Microsoft has made to the 360 controller over the years and will include the new D-pad.

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Nelson revealed that the controllers will be released worldwide sometime in early March and will cost around $54.99. Both controllers will be available to buy from the Microsoft store but in shops the black controller will only be available at Walmart and the purple one will be available only from BestBuy. It’s interesting to see Microsoft is still creating new products based around the 360 although a special edition Titanfall controller will be released on the Xbox One.

Source: Maxlevel

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