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Two Point Campus is the successor to Two Point Hospital. This time around, instead of trying to save thousands of people, you’re giving thousands of people the opportunity to live a better life. You’re tasked with establishing and developing a world-class university where your students can become the best version of themselves. This is our guides and features hub for Two Point Campus that has all sorts of useful tips to help you achieve that.

Note: We’ll continue adding more tips to our Two Point Campus hub, so stay tuned.


Two Point Campus guides and features hub

Two Point Campus review — A fantastic management game that picks up where Two Point Hospital left off. It isn’t the most innovative successor, but it doesn’t have to be. Two Point Campus offers more than enough to keep you entertained right up to graduation.

Tips and tricks for beginners — Our go-to beginner’s guide that will give you all the information you need to start out. These tips and tricks will set you up to succeed.

How to get Kudosh — Kudosh is the main currency used to unlock new items. If you want to spice up your campus and keep students happy, you’ll need as much as it as possible.

How to get Course Points — If you want to take your university to the next level you will need course points. Course points are used to add new courses and expand the curriculum.

How to rotate items — Sometimes the simplest tasks can be the most difficult. You wouldn’t think guides focused on essential controls would be required, but Two Point Campus is a game with all sorts to figure out. Even basic controls and menu navigation can get overwhelming for those less experienced with management games.

How to increase room capacity — As your university expands there is bound to be more demand for various resources. Fitting everything in can be tricky, but by increasing the room capacity of your rooms the process can be made easier.

Two Point Campus is available on PC via Steam and Game Pass.

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