Two Point Hospital Off The Grid Goes Green

Going green is one of the hottest topics of the decade, so it’s no surprise that the people of Two Point County are concerned about their environment. And so, of course, they also worry about the impact all the hospital developments are having on the world. Fear not, good people – Mayor Tabitha Windsock is committed to being whatever she needs to be to get votes. So, right now, the environment is her number one priority. She’s rolling out a new plan, Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid, which challenges players to make their hospitals eco-friendly and sustainable.

She definitely didn’t found the Department of Green Things just to get votes. That is 100% not the case, and anyone who tells you otherwise hates the environment. Just check out Mayor Windsock’s promotional trailer below to see her commitment to going green.

Going off the grid

Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid introduces three new, unique regions for players to explore. As you venture into this brave new greener world, you’ll face 35 new and unusual illnesses, nine of them visual. You’ll take advantage of exciting new treatment rooms to treat green fingers, root snoot, and a whole load of other bizarre ailments. Plus, you’ll now find a range of eco-friendly items to help you treat your patients.

Two Point Hospital Off The Grid

This looks like a farm, but it’s actually a hospital. That’s the beauty of going green.

Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid will release on Steam on March 18 for $8.99. If you pre-purchase the DLC or grab it before March 25, you can take 10% off of that purchase price. From March 18, you will also be able to purchase the ‘Exhibition Items Pack,’ which will score you 30 new in-game items.

New players can pick up the ‘Complete Your Set’ Bundle, which nets your 10% off the base game plus all previous DLCs. This offer is available between March 11 and 13.

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