Battlefield V Grand Operations PC Gameplay, Powered by a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Battlefield V made a short appearance at EA’s E3 press conference today. Outside of the confirmation of a Battle Royale mode, not too much news was revealed, and instead, fans will have to wait until Microsoft’s conference tomorrow to witness Battlefield V’s true E3 presence. However, you do not have to wait until tomorrow to get your fix, as some tantalizing gameplay footage was released shortly after the presentation. In the footage above, courtesy of the NVIDIA GeForce YouTube channel, you can marvel at what Battlefield V looks like on a $700 graphics card. It’s smooth, to say the least.

Into The Depths of Sublevel Zero | Launch Trailer

Launching today on PC is the first person futuristic spaceship shooter Sublevel Zero. Inspired by classics like Decent and Forsaken, this 6DoF shooter has you flying through colorfully abstract futuristic environments taking down enemies and upgrading your ship build in a gravity-defying world.

Game Synopsis: Reality is crumbling. Entire worlds have been destroyed by tears in space, and soon there will be nothing. As other clans fight over the scraps, yours delves into the ruins in search of knowledge to save humankind. You are stranded, alone in a facility that’s been lost for ages. No saves. No continues. You have one chance to make it through alive, so make it count.

Sublevel Zero available now for digital download with an additional launch week discount of 15% off on Steam,, Green Man Gaming and Get Games.

The Rose Experience: Top game franchises we want remade/rebooted

Reboots, re-imaginings and remakes are all the rage right now in video games. In the latest Rose Experience, I want to take you through a few of the series that are near and dear to my heart and some I would love to see get another kick at the can. Don’t worry if I left out your faves; chances are I want them too and thought of them as well. Just remember, I only have so much time and can’t cover everything.

Also, I was a little off when I recorded this and it shows I think, got the full fledged flu later that day. I’m a trooper though!

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The Rose Experience: E3 Predictions & Thoughts 2014

Better late than never and slipping in just before E3 goes live are the first annual Rose Experience E3 predictions from yours truly! Covered in how the conferences will appear, I do my best to entertain, predict and give some insight to what we will, might and won’t see at E3 2014.

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Capcom Announces Monster Hunter 4G

Capcom has announced the release of Monster Hunter 4G, which is essentially a revision of Monster Hunter 4 in the same vein as Monster Hunter 3G. The game will be released autumn of this year and will be able to use old Monster Hunter 4 saves. You can check out the trailer below:

COD: Ghosts Releases Trailer For 1st DLC, Onslaught

Activision is releasing the 1st DLC pack for COD: Ghosts, called Onslaught. It comes with four new maps, an assault/sniper rifle hybrid called the Maverick, and the next iteration of Extinction. It releases first on Xbox One, with other platforms to follow. You can check out the full trailer below.