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When people think of typing games, they tend to think of educational titles for young kids along the lines of Mario Teaches Typing. But as games like The Typing of the Dead have proven, it remains perfectly possible to develop titles for older players that test their ability to type efficiently. Developer Pumpernickel Studio’s Touch Type Tale, a unique real-time strategy game in which players lead armies through typing, serves as another notable example. Fortunately for those intrigued by this novel premise, Pumpernickel Studio recently uploaded a new trailer for Touch Type Tale that succinctly describes its core gameplay.

The Epic Games Store page highlights Touch Type Tale’s single-player campaign, which sees a kingdom bereft of a leader and continually threatened by barbarians. Players control protagonist Paul as he uses his trusty typewriter to protect the kingdom from evil. Throughout the campaign, players will tackle a wide variety of missions that tie into the game’s narrative and keep both their typing and decision-making skills as sharp as possible.


Take your typing to the next level

The single-player mode only marks the beginning of the player’s journey to typing mastery, however. Touch Type Tale also features an online multiplayer mode that really lets players flex their typing muscles. You’ll take part in various skirmishes that require both quick reflexes and thinking, and the ranking system will provide an outlet for you to prove your mastery over other players. Fortunately, the game includes a variety of language options, so plenty of folks can enjoy what Touch Type Tale has to offer.

The trailer only states that Touch Type Tale will come to the Epic Games Store around early 2023. Until a definitive release date is revealed, you may want to pick up another typing game to hone your skills and prepare for Touch Type Tale’s online multiplayer.

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