Tyranny gets a diabolical release date of 10 November

Tyranny gets a diabolical release date of 10 November

Obsidian’s Tyranny will be spreading the terrible rule of Kyros across PCs everywhere from 10 November, for that is the day of its release. To accompany this news, there’s a new trailer and details of several ‘pre-order’ editions.

The basic ‘Commander’ Edition is $45.00 USD, and includes the game (well, yes) as well as some Paradox forum avatars and icons, plus some ringtones. I have no idea what those ringtones are, but they’re presumably Tyranny themed.

Up a tier, there’s the ‘Archon’ Edition which costs $60.00 USD and includes all of the above, plus a digital map, soundtrack and short story collection, some dev-signed wallpapers, and more forum avatar business. And finally, the ‘Overlord’ Edition ($80) has all of that prior stuff, plus a digital art book and digital collector’s guide book.

In case that was confusing, here’s a handy chart (click for larger) showing you the differences between all the options. Followed by the new Tyranny trailer.


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