Ubisoft has pushed back on claims that they sought to hide¬†Assassin’s Creed Unity’s issues with the review embargo.

Ubi argues that because of the nature of today’s online games, it’s not possible to review the game properly prior to release. They also bring up how Bungie handled the situation with their game, Destiny, and it can be argued the same case can be made for Grand Theft Auto Online.

Ubi’s argument has some merit, but it does not cover the game’s many graphical issues, which should have been dealt with prior to release.

In any case, Ubi promises to review those policies, although they did not confirm and specific plans. You can read Ubi’s full statement with the BBC below.

The nature of games themselves and the way they are being reviewed is changing, as evidenced by games like Assassin’s Creed Unity, Destiny and The Crew – games that have significant online components.

Having the online elements available and having populated worlds is essential to creating a representative and complete experience for reviewers.

Achieving this prior to launch is incredibly complex, which is why some games are being reviewed much closer – or as was the case with Destiny, even after – the game launches.

We are working to adapt our services and communications with consumers accordingly, both by changing the way we work with reviewers and by offering customers open betas or other early access to some games, all so that they have the information they need and want.

Assassin’s Creed Unity: Ubisoft Reveals First Batch Of Fixes, Confirms AMD Specific Issues

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