Hyper Scape changes

Over time, the battle royale genre has become extremely popular. In response, Ubisoft attempted to release its own battle royale into the mix. Although the developers were happy with the initial response, Hyper Scape did not achieve the attention that was hoped. In response, an update was posted regarding the future of Hyper Scape and some changes that will be made. Moreover this includes making the game easier and introducing new content.

In the blog post, the developers recognized the success of the open beta on PC. On the contrary, it did not meet the high expectations of players or developers when the full game was released. To combat this, five pillars have been outlined in which Hyper Scape’s future will be based on.

Huge changes are coming to the Hyper Scape

The first pillar is known as combat comfort. Ubisoft acknowledged that Hyper Scape has a high skill ceiling. Too high, in fact. For new players, this can hinder their ability learn the game and to succeed. The next pillar, onboarding, will ensure these new players are protected and that training activities will be provided to help them improve. Next, new game modes will be released as part of the changes. Players should expect more respawn and deathmatch type games in the future. Also, the player base split that is required to support multiple modes, including limited time modes, will see changes.

Hyper Scape changes

In addition, there are no goals for players to work towards in the mid to long-term. In response, a player ranking system will be introduced as part of Season 2. More ways to progress and improve the flow of matches will see more players stay in Neo Arcadia for longer. Finally, the fifth pillar is crossplay, a fan favorite feature across multiple titles. Although crossplay was always intended for Hyper Scape, the developers will release it earlier than intended to help fill lobbies.

Ubisoft have already started work on these pillars and plan to release more updates in Season 2. It will be interesting to see what the future of Hyper Scape will look like and if it will grow in popularity.

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