Ubisoft Pushing Hard With Better Anti Cheat System In Rainbow Six Siege (3)

Cheating has been synonymous with gaming for a very long time. Whether you’re a fan of messing with things or more nefariously, giving yourself more of an advantage when competing against others, it is an issue that needs to be taken care of when it comes to online multiplayer. Developers for Riot Games’ Valorant and Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone each recently detailed measures against such behavior, and they are not alone. Another big multiplayer shooter, Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege, is now up for revision. In a new blog post, Ubisoft reaffirmed its commitment against cheating with its anti-cheat systems in Rainbow Six Siege.

Although hacking continues to plague the game, more accounts have faced the banhammer. In 2020 alone, almost 100,000 cheaters were banned. This is a 44% rise from 2019. Starting in 2021, that number is expected to increase even more.


This will be thanks to the improved version of the automated anti-cheat detection in Rainbow Six Siege. Since the game’s launch in 2015, manual oversight has been in place to help with player reports when it comes to cheating. Together with BattleEye, the anti-cheat system in Rainbow Six Siege was meant to stop cheating.

Cheating could be proven by video evidence, or by checking the stats. An absurdly high kill/death ratio, or unbelievable accuracy are telltale signs of cheating. This is the part where Ubisoft hopes to automate the process.

Ubisoft Pushing Hard With Better Anti Cheat System In Rainbow Six Siege (1)

Perfecting the formula

The system will initially be launched on the backend, allowing it go through testing until the developers are satisfied with its performance. However, do not worry that you might be the victim of a wrongful ban. The first wave of bans will still be done manually. Once the automated anti-cheat system in Rainbow Six Siege is up to par, it will help speed up the process, with a human deciding in the end if a ban is warranted.

Speedier detection will result in more bans though. This will make cheaters think twice about engaging in such behavior.

Ubisoft is also making sure burner accounts don’t get off lightly. In the future, BattleEye bans will work in conjunction with Valve Anti-Cheat bans, meaning you will be banned on both platforms. For Steam users, you will be restricted from refunding or even gifting games.

Ubisoft Pushing Hard With Better Anti Cheat System In Rainbow Six Siege (2)

Uphill battle

Having more robust anti-cheat measures in Rainbow Six Siege will be good, but that does not mean cheaters will stop. Fortunately, every new update that arrives for the game comes with even more secure code. This makes it harder for cheat developers to find exploits that can result in unfair advantages. Ultimately, it is still Ubisoft that has to step up. Securing the code and eliminating vulnerabilities is the best way forward.

Of course, the industry probably recognizes that cheating will never truly go away. When it comes to competitive play, there is always someone who wants to win at all costs. When you make games that are accessible to more players, it is more likely to be susceptible to exploits. The battle will only continue, but here’s hoping that the good guys win in the end.

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