Ubisoft Details The War Against Cheats In Rainbow Six Siege (2)

Over the years, Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege has become a prime example of a live service game done right. From creating constant and rewarding content to listening to community feedback, the resurgence of the team shooter has only continued on an upward trend. With success, though, comes ever-increasing demands. Ubisoft is currently working on overhauls for the game, starting with the sound system. However, an integral part of the smooth experience is how the team prevents cheating in Siege, and we now have a better idea of how that works.

Cheaters beware

A new developer blog post sheds more light on the war against cheating. For the developers, “preventing cheaters from undermining that competitive integrity” is of utmost importance. To achieve that, they break their strategy down into three distinct areas. These include improving cheat detection, increasing the barrier to entry for cheats, and reducing the impact of cheats.

Ubisoft Details The War Against Cheats In Rainbow Six Siege (1)

Each of these pillars affects the others, and all of them work together to prevent exploits. Just as cheaters’ approach evolves, so too does Siege‘s robust security protocols. This has enabled Ubisoft to be more proactive and agile in dealing with cheating.

Early detection

In order to further improve its efforts, Ubisoft is looking into data-based detection models. This will, in turn, allow the team to “create rapid, simple models” that it can use for “faster reaction times to respond to cheats, and better identification of cheaters” in Rainbow Six Siege.

In summary, the use of such models lets the team do the following:

  • Have greater sensitivity to new waves of cheaters undetected by BattleEye
  • Act as a monitoring and alerting system
  • Catalyze the investigation, cheat fix, and cheat prevention process
  • Expedite cheater identification and ban-hammer process
  • Faster, more accurate investigations into cheaters while minimizing false positives
  • Improved reactivity to novel cheats to detect and kick cheaters


The second pillar is making life difficult for both cheaters and those who develop them in the first place. First up is the use of a 2-Step-Verification Ranked lock. The process not only deters cheating, but it also helps secure accounts from being hacked. Soon, the lock will be enforced globally.

That serves as but one part of Ubisoft’s approach to raising the barriers. Other methods include PvE XP level caps to undermine throwaway accounts, increasing the Clearance Level Requirements for Ranked play, and increased Champion prerequisites in Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft Details The War Against Cheats In Rainbow Six Siege (3)

As for the cheat developers, Ubisoft wants to make them obsolete even before their products go live for Siege. “By making cheat development and cheat maintenance more costly and more difficult for cheat devs, we disincentivize the development of cheats,” the post explains. More measures will be put in place in the coming weeks that will only make this process harder.

Beefing up the foundations

Lastly, Ubisoft is making more efforts to reducing the impacts of cheats on Rainbow Six Siege. With the aid of the Ubisoft Game Security Team, vulnerability assessments are being run to help developers “understand potential new gameplay cheats or other vulnerabilities that may arise with a new update.”

When vulnerabilities are found, a dedicated team is dispatched to solve the problem. They will also work towards preventing potential points of attack in the future. “With each fix we use that knowledge to spread best practices to our other teams in order to introduce less and less vulnerabilities over time,” the explanation reads.

Suffice to say, the war against cheating will never stop. As the success of Rainbow Six Siege grows, so will the number of cheaters looking to profit. With Ubisoft sharing their current and future plans, players can rest more easily knowing that the game they love will always be taken care of.

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