Early this week, Ubisoft revoked several Far Cry 4 keys bought from unlicensed retailers without explanation. Ubisoft now claims that those keys were bought fraudulently via credit card.

We strongly recommend that players purchase keys and downloadable games only from the Uplay Store or their trusted retailers. We regularly work with our authorized resellers to identify and deactivate fraudulently obtained and resold keys. In this case, we confirmed activation keys were recently purchased from EA’s Origin store using fraudulent credit card information and then resold online. These keys may have been deactivated. Customers who may have been impacted should contact the vendor where they purchased the key for a refund.

European retailer Kinguin earlier claimed that they bought their keys legally, so at the moment this is a case of Kinguin’s word vs. Ubisoft’s. Of course, this does not include other retailers with revoked keys as well, such as G2A.

Ubisoft has yet to explain why they did not explain this to consumers when their keys were revoked, nor did they offer assistance or other remedies.

Ubisoft’s actions may have been covered by their Terms & Conditions, but by punishing their consumers, they may have still been infringing on their consumers’ rights.

What do you think Ubi should have done and should do in this situation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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