If your Ubisoft-related videos are getting flagged as part of the new crackdown on copyright infringement going on over at YouTube, the publisher may be able to help you out. As per the company’s YouTube policies posted in June of this year, Ubisoft does allow people to make ad revenue from videos using footage of their games as long as certain rules are followed. These rules include things like not charging people to view the video, not being a racist and other straightforward guidelines.

Effectively, it seems as if you’re just reposting Ubisoft trailers and hoping to make ad revenue, you’ll be getting hit with infringement notices. However, if you’re creating “bespoke” (custom) videos on, say, the history of Rayman, or a review of Far Cry: Blood Dragon presented with cut-up footage from the game, Ubisoft seems to be fine with it.

Here’s what the company has to say about the current situation, and some steps you might take to rectify a video being unfairly flagged:

If you happen to be hit with claims on any of your Ubisoft content, it may be that some of the audio is being auto-matched against the music catalogue on our digital stores – it might show up as being claimed by our distributor ‘idol’. In such cases please take the following steps and we can get it cleared for you.

  1. Leave the video live for now.
  2. Send us the URL of the affected video and let us know who flagged it.
  3. We’ll get it cleared hopefully same day.

Hope this helps, thanks for all your support over the past year and for all the amazing videos!

Unfortunately these instructions leave off where to send the URL of the affected video, but since the policy post has the email address videorights@ubisoft.com on it, that might be a good place to start.

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