Ubisoft climb back into smaller games with Grow Home

Ubisoft climb back into smaller games with Grow Home

Ubisoft have announced that Reflections’ Grow Home will be hitting Steam in early February.

Following the disappointments of Assassin’s Creed Unity and Watch Dogs, we’ve become a bit disillusioned with some of Ubisoft’s bigger properties. We remain cheerily impressed by most of their smaller, odder, more “indie” offerings, though, which is I’m rather happy to see Grow Home, an “experiential vertical adventure”.

Grow Home puts you in command of BUD (Botanical Utility Droid), a “child-like” robot searching the galaxy for a plant that can oxygenate his homeworld. It’s your job to explore a big open world with a minimalistic aesthetic by growing a Star Plant that can “reshape the planet” and let you climb to new heights – and climbing is rather important, because this planet is full of floating islands.

It looks lovely, and if the climbing controls work out, it could be a really fun little game to explore.

Grow Home is due to hit Steam on 4 February, and you can see the trailer below.

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