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As part of Ubisoft’s Uplay redesign (if you’ve noticed that recently), it looks like the Uplay rewards system is also getting a bit of restructuring.

Those extra bits and pieces in Ubisoft games that you could unlock with Uplay reward points (earned in-game) are now under the ‘Ubisoft Club‘ title. It doesn’t appear to be radically different from what preceded it, so you’ll still be doing stuff in Assassin’s Creed to unlock a new sword set with points or whatever.

A few changes have been made though. It looks like the system is now cross-platform, and you can use some of those in-game Uplay points to ‘pay’ for discounts on other Ubisoft titles (I can get 80% off Anno 2070 for 125 points, if I fancy).

The Ubisoft Club is free to join and automatically carries over all your details from the prior Uplay rewards scheme. Thanks to this, I know that my level of 20 is “2nd among my 1 Friends”. Damn that Tim McDonald, always one step ahead!

I’m very happy to see it let me keep my bi-curious biker avatar though.

Naturally, you will be gagging to know more about Ubisoft Club, so here’s a helpful video with lots of annoying use of the term “level up”. Plus some amusing jittery stick figures.

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