Endwar Online

    UbiSoft’s original Endwar title was a mixed bag and the latest game to carry the Endwar label is Endwar Online, a TMOA. That’s a Tactical Multiplayer Online Arena title in case you were wondering. Not a MOBA but a TMOA. Will these stupid acronyms ever stop?

    The game has not reached the closed beta phase yet but Ubisoft are set to run a three day technical test for the game which they are calling “Tech Assault” to make it sound all military-like. This test will kick off on 27 February and run until 1 March.

    If an Endwar sequel is something you’d have liked to have seen then sadly this will have to do for now. The game is set after the fallout of the original Endwar and it’s a fight for resources through single player missions and PvP. Oh, it’s also a next-gen browser game. Yeh we know, it’s a browser game but Ubi may surprise us.

    Here’s a trailer to tempt you to check it out at the end of the week.

    Paul Younger
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