Ubisoft and Nvidia’s cosy new alliance adds features to PC Watch Dogs


Revolutionary new jumper technology.

As part of Ubisoft and Nvidia’s recently announced “gaming alliance,” Watch Dogs will be getting some fancy-pants graphics options on PC. If you have an Nvidia card, at least. I guess me and the other AMD-using plebs will just have to sit most of this out.

PC Gamer spotted the blog post over at Nvidia, which includes a video feature (below) about … well, I hoped it’d be about what those extra features will actually be, but instead it’s just about what Watch Dogs is. Since Splinter Cell: Blacklist‘s PC version had TXAA and Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion (HBAO) options, I’d imagine Watch Dogs will be getting those too.

Mind you, Blacklist’s PC version also prevented a lot of people from playing the game online due to mysterious and as-yet-unsolved circumstances. Hopefully Watch Dogs can avoid that particular feature when it comes out in November. If it comes out in November and Ubisoft don’t delay the PC version for shits and giggles.