Ubisoft Details Big Changes For Rainbow Six Siege, Starting With Sound (4)

As part of its status report on Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has shared an extensive list of changes coming to the tactical shooter. Addressing six long-standing issues of Siege, the team wants loyal players to know that it is “dedicated to maintaining and growing the game continually.” This behind-the-scenes look will be a more in-depth dive into how Ubisoft is looking at the problems, and the steps taken to fix them. At the top of the list is sound.

Tuning your senses

In terms of gameplay, sound plays an important role. Whether it is footsteps down the hallway or a loud bullet whizzing past your head, sound can relay plenty of information to seasoned players. Rainbow Six Siege has to simulate sound propagation realistically, but that can come across differently for players. The underlying system in the game is a complex one. It also gives rise to sound bugs that are hard to detect.

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The ever-evolving nature of Rainbow Six Siege complicates things further. Every round is different, and the sound propagation has to change. Add to that the destruction engine that can create constant, dynamic situations, and Ubisoft has its work cut out for it.

In order to “dynamically convey realistic sound direction and position to the players,” the team is taking several steps to diagnose and fix issues. “First, we have instrumented the sound system to help us catch errors more quickly. This aims to enable us to identify errors earlier in our development process, as well as debug difficult-to-reproduce problems,” Ubisoft shared.

A long road ahead

Ubisoft will also look at the systems behind sound and propagation. They have concluded that large portions of those systems will need to be rebuilt. This will begin with how sounds are packaged and connected to Rainbow Six Siege. The repacking work is targeted for a Season 3 release. However, the full sound overhaul will not be done in Year 5.

Ubisoft Details Big Changes For Rainbow Six Siege, Starting With Sound (3)

Along the way, the team will continually look at bugs and fix them as part of the process. Fans are also encouraged to let the developers know issues they face to speed things up. This can be done through R6 Fix.

If you’d like to learn more, you can read the comprehensive review of the game’s status, which also covers the issues of connectivity, cheating and disruptive behavior, accessibility, smoke propagation, and drone issues. All in all, the Ubisoft team is putting plenty of effort into ensuring Siege remains a good experience. It’s great to see a team that can take ownership of its product and make it better. Be it quality-of-life issues, major fixes, and constant content support, fans have a lot to look forward to.

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