Ubisoft Reflections are rapidly becoming the company’s studio for smaller, experimental games. That proves to be the case again, with the quick one-two announcement and release of new title, Ode.

Available on Uplay today for $5.00 USD, Ode looks like a fairly chill exploration game with some musical and puzzle themes. There are no tutorials or hints (a decent selling point for this sort of thing); just you, a person called Joy inside a hamster bubble, and four gardens to roll around.

Expect “soft” challenges, fallen stars to collect, and musical plants. The plants emit notes, which build up steady layers of sound that are somewhat dependent on a player’s style of play. Collect more stars, and the intensity of the sound will increase. Ubisoft Reflections were the people behind Grow Home, Grow Up, and, more recently, Atomiga.

Here’s a trailer.

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