Watch Dogs’ Creative director Jonathan Morin recently spoke with GamesTM where he spoke a little about what sort of differences we can expect from the Playstation 4 version of the game. Not only did he mention the graphics, but more interestingly it seems that a lot of this extra power will be put towards crafting AI that can behave more realistically.

“When the PS4 showed up it did bring new possibilities to improve graphics and every AI systems we have. But in the same way we did for four years already, we will continue to look beyond what is possible to achieve in order to bring this little something extra out there for players to enjoy. So expect more AI behaviors, more realistic consequences to your actions and an overall improvement in visuals realization. Our team has been working on this very complex ecosystem for more than four years now; this is what is required to build such an intricate set of AI systems.” – Jonathan Morin

He also then spoke a little about how the extra power provided doesn’t just mean that new things will be possible, but that the studios creating games will also have a whole host of new challenges to face as they enter the next generation. However he believes that this will also allow them to deliver new challenges to the players also.

“What the new machine brings is new processing power and memory to run these things, but the biggest investment is always the time and the quality of the resources required to pull it off. So not only does the next generation bring more possibilities, but it also brings new challenges that we believe are extremely exciting from both a player’s and a developer’s perspective.” – Jonathan Morin


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