Ubisoft Reveals Division 2 Year Five Roadmap And Division Heartland
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Ubisoft reveals The Division 2 year five roadmap and The Division Heartland

Division content incoming.

In a new Division Day livestream, Ubisoft announced 17 minutes of updates for The Division series. The video streamed on April 20 featured information on two major Division games, as well as an upcoming mobile game. The Division is one of many book adaptations by Ubisoft from the author Tom Clancy. Games in this series share the genre of an action RPG third-person-shooter. Ubisoft’s major reveals in this livestream were The Division 2 year five roadmap, as well as The Division Heartlands.

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Ubisoft’s plans for three Division games revealed in livestream

The Division 2 year five roadmap

The livestream began first with detailed update information for The Division 2 year five. Season One is called Broken Wings, which introduces a new mode called Descent. A CGI trailer showcased this free rogue-lite mode. Puppeteers is Season Two, which brings a new incursion in the Meret Estate to confront the Cleaners. Then in Season Three, called Vanguard, you’ll be back in New York for a holiday event.

The Division 2 Year Five Roadmap

Screenshot via Ubisoft

In the last Season of the year called Black Diamond, there will be new story DLC with fresh zones, missions, and endgame structure. Also, every Season will have an Apparel Event, and the castle settlement will slowly start to rebuild over the first two Seasons. The host, Chris Watters, confirms that each season will introduce new Manhunts, Leagues, and other events.

For instance, one Apparel Event will introduce a crossover with Resident Evil. You can receive the Leon Kennedy RPD Outfit from April 25 to May 9. If you’re excited to play Season One earlier than June, you can play it early today on a PC Test Server.

The Division Heartland

The Division Heartland Gameplay

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This new Division title will be a free-to-play, PvEvP survival action shooter. Set in a midwestern town, you’ll confront both AI factions and other player squads. Ubisoft showcases about six minutes of in-depth gameplay and explanations about The Division Heartland. There will be new characters, and ties into the Division timeline and universe.

You’ll be tasked with a set of missions and projects to explore the town of Silver Creek. Players can gather supplies to create their base of operations in this hostile town. Threats include deadly contamination, sickness, and dehydration. It also includes a day/night cycle, character classes, and much more. If you’re interested, you can sign up now for the closed beta later this year, which also allows you to invite five people to squad up with.

The Division Resurgence

The final Division game that Ubisoft revealed was The Division Resurgence. This is a free-to-play mobile game with campaigns, both solo and co-op, storylines, new weapons, and more. In the summer, there will be a test-phase you can sign-up for. Ubisoft showcased a bit of gameplay, but not much more information came from this announcement. Overall, the reveals for Ubisoft’s The Division 2 year five roadmap and The Division Heartlands were the central focus of this livestream.

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