Ubisoft Reveals “Werewolves Within”

Ubisoft Reveals “Werewolves Within”

Ubisoft revealed a new trailer and screenshots of their upcoming virtual reality party game called Werewolves Within.

It’s the typical social party game concept, in which players will have to figure out the killer/werewolf among them in a virtual reality surrounding. While the concept of a group of people gathering up and trying to reveal the different roles each of them has isn’t something new, Ubisoft’s Werewolves Within seems like a cool idea since it will make use of VR headsets.

Each player will have a cartoonish avatar and all of them will sit together around a campfire trying to hide their real identity from each other. Each round starts with the game showing each player a piece of paper with their identity written on it and everyone will be able to use a book to see how many of each role are in play in each new session. They can also use the book in order to use their special ability or help mark someone as suspicious.

Players will have to use their abilities of talking, arguing, like and compelling one another over voice chat in the right way, in order to win the round. As the player speaks, his avatar will move his mouth and the game will use the tone of the player’s voice to animate the character’s body and face movements. Players will also be able to make use of their D-pads in order to cross their arms or make other moves like pointing the finger at someone.

After five minutes, the round ends and players will have to vote who they believe to be the werewolf and eventually kill him. In order to win the round, you will have to make the right choice about the werewolf, to survive as a werewolf or convince the other players to kill you when you take the role of the “deviant”.

Of course there will also be other mechanics available to make the experience of Ubisoft’s upcoming party game more enjoyable. For example, a townsperson can elect a leader or the werewolf will be able to sense each player’s role and knowing if there are other werewolves around him.

Werewolves Within will be released sometime this fall for every major VR headset.

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