By delaying the game, not supporting steering wheels and including the never-popular “always on” style of DRM, it seemed Ubisoft wanted us to avoid the PC version of Driver: San Francisco.
The company has just realised that maybe it’d like to sell some copies of the game on the PC, so has relented on those DRM plans. Slightly.
Instead of always having to be connected to the internet while you play (and being subject to the whims of your own net connection and Ubisoft’s servers), you’ll now just have to sign-in each time you load the game up. Which subjects you more temporarily to the whims of your own net connection and Ubisoft’s servers.
“Driver PC gamers will only need to sign in at game launch but can subsequently choose to play the game offline,” a Ubisoft statement reads.
Hurrah … ish.
For more cheerful details about Driver: San Francisco, have a read of John’s multiplayer Hands-On.
Single and multiplayer demos for the game are available from today via PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE.

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