A loophole in British law may allow gamers to purchase games under-age.The loophole was discovered when the Government introduced the new video game classification system.It has come to light that the 1984 Video Recordings Act was never enacted and made official by the European Union. And until the law is passed by the EU, retailers will be able to sell videos, computer games and pornographic material to under-age customers without being prosecuted.”Much of the problem would have been avoided if they had sorted out the classification of video games earlier, as we and many others in the industry have been urging them to do,” said Jeremy Hunt, Shadow Culture Secretary.”Unfortunately, the discovery of this omission means that, a quarter of a century later, the Video Recordings Act is no longer enforceable against individuals in United Kingdom courts,” Barbara Follett, Minister for Culture and Tourism told the Times Online.However a Government spokesperson has confirmed the loophole will be closed “as quickly as possible”.”No one should see this as a green light to act unlawfully. We will continue to prosecute breaches vigorously [sic] once this technical loophole is closed,” the spokeswoman added. 

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